Right to Rent - Urgent Call for Evidence

The Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants needs to speak to families with children who have been affected by the Family Migration Rules:

‘We have received information that the Home Office are rolling up their evaluation now, contrary to previous statements, and are aiming for a national roll-out of the Right to Rent scheme in the autumn. It is our view that they will therefore probably put their evidence to the advisory panel before the summer recess.

This has changed our timeframe somewhat and we have decided that instead of an interim report at the end of June we will now aim to get the substantial report out before the 21 July summer recess.

We therefore urgently need all evidence collated so far that can feed into the report sent to policy@jcwi.org.uk before the end of this month. We will then put together the report and circulate a draft to partner organisations.

We understand that many of the perceived impacts may not be quantifiable. In this case, please you can send a statement from you/ your organisation.

If you have not seen a direct impact from the scheme on your service users, but you are nonetheless worried about the implication of a national roll-out, please send us a statement regarding the potential impact on your service users. We can also include anonymised statements if people/organisations do not want to be named.

We will keep the survey open for longer-term impacts and if more evidence feeds through over the summer months we may publish another report in the autumn. However, now that we know that they are pressing ahead and the Home Office evaluation will most probably be a whitewash we really need to push ahead ourselves.’

Please take a moment out of your day to provide feedback.

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