Challenging Operation Nexus (Update)

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The AIRE Centre are 80% of the way to meeting their initial target in respect of raising the money to cover the costs associated with their Court of Appeal challenge to “Operation Nexus”. Please continue to pledge donations, their aim is to meet the initial target and work the stretch target of £10000!

Here's more from the Director, Matthew Evans:

Donate and Share
We are hoping that a successful challenge will bring an end to Operation Nexus and its roll out across the UK. You can take action now by:

1. Pledging any amount you can on:
2. Sharing the page on your social media.
3. Forward this email to your friends and colleagues and ask them to make a donation and share the campaign.
What is Operation Nexus?

Operation Nexus is not just about removal, it is a central plank of the ‘hostile environment’ of detention, restrictions on the ability to work, and forcing people into destitution so they agree to voluntary removal. We have all seen the news over the past week and how damaging, outrageous and far reaching this hostile environment has been. It affects not just EU/foreign nationals but the broader community because McGowan J, who heard the case in the High Court, held that the police may lawfully ask any question they choose for whatever purpose they wish provided it would not be “[un]lawful … [for] a member of the public” to ask the questions. It also allows unverified intelligence information to be presented to decision making authorities such as the immigration tribunal, without disclosure to the subject of that intelligence information or their representative.

For more information please see:

We can't do this without you. We will update you of our next steps through the platform so please pledge and be part of our movement.

Thank you very much for your support.

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