EU Citizens' Rights Event - Nottingham


Christopher Benn gave a talk on EU Citizens' Rights to The Signpost to Polish Success (SPS) East Midlands po Polsku charity in in Nottingham on Monday, 21 May 2018. The evening began with a short presentation on the proposed UK government settled status scheme followed by an animated video about the scheme produced by the EU Commission Representation in the UK. Following the presentations the evening progressed to a detailed question and answer session covering the impact of the draft withdrawal agreement on EU citizens' in the UK as well as questions about the current EU law system in place at the present time. There were a broad range of topics covered including many questions about how the proposed settled status scheme will work in practice. The range of these questions shows the importance of providing outreach information sessions to all sectors of EU citizens in the UK. The feedback received on the session was overwhelmingly positive with consensus from those who attended that they understood the importance on following Brexit developments with respect of the new system as the vast majority of EU citizens in this country are going be affected.

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