Closure of Tehran visa application centre: alternative arrangements

Due to ongoing tensions between the UK and Iran, the visa application centre at the British Embassy in Tehran is closed until further notice.

The UK Border Agency will be contacting visa applicants who submitted an application in Tehran up to 29 November 2011 (inclusive) who have not yet received decisions or updates on their case. All original documents should have been returned to visa applicants, if not further enquiries should be directed to the Iranian authorities (as the UK Border Agency would have returned them to the original issuing authority - how that works for refugee family reunion applications we do not know).

Iranian nationals wishing to submit an application for a visit visa only can do so at any visa application centre worldwide. Iranian nationals, who normally live in Iran, may submit applications for all visa categories at the following visa application centres in the UAE and Turkey:

United Arab Emirates - Dubai and Abu Dhabi
Turkey - Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Bursa and Gaziantep

Applications should still be submitted online and attendance at the visa application centres is by pre-booked online appointment only. It is mandatory for visa applicants in Turkey to pay for their applications online.

The UK Border Agency have said that it is not possible to process visa applications within their published customer service standards.

More when we have it.

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