Syria Update

Our blog is back after a brief hiatus,* and we find ourselves returning to a new country guidance case on Syria. The new case (KB (Failed asylum seekers and forced returnees) Syria CG UKUT 00426 (IAC)) replaces previous guidance in SA & IA (Undocumented Kurds) Syria CG [2009] UKAIT 00006.

The Upper Tribunal decided that it is likely that a failed asylum seeker or forced returnee would, in general, on arrival face a real risk of arrest and detention. As a result of imputed political opinion there is a real risk of serious mistreatment during that detention. The Upper Tribunal said, ‘This decision is made in the context of the extremely high level of human rights abuses currently occurring in Syria, a regime which appears increasingly concerned to crush any sign of resistance.’


Those who have outstanding claims, or have none at all, are advised to make submissions to the UK Border Agency as a grant of refugee status will be appropriate while the Assad regime remains in power.

We'll be contacting our all clients shortly.

* Seraphus has been undergoing some changes, and we'll report back to you on those changes as soon as we can.

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