Challenging Operation Nexus

UntitledThe AIRE Centre is looking for donations to fund a legal challenge against the Home Office policy called “Operation Nexus”. This policy has been used to target EEA nationals for removal from the UK in collaboration with the police. It is an extremely important challenge, thousands have been removed under this policy, which is arguably contrary to EU law, and many more may fall under its scope throughout the Brexit process.
Please consider donating to this cause, however small, every donation helps. You can donate here:

Here is some more information from the Director of the AIRE Centre, Matthew Evans:

What we are trying to do?
Our challenge argues that Nexus is contrary to EU and UK law. If we are successful, Operation Nexus would have to be drastically re-thought or withdrawn as a policy. Individuals removed because of Nexus would potentially be entitled to return to the UK and/or seek damages due to their unlawful removal
How can you help?
The AIRE Centre continues to act pro-bono in this case, with the assistance of Deighton Pierce Glynn and Counsel.
We have a protected costs order which limits our costs to a fixed figure. However, as a charity, we must raise money to meet that figure because we do not have sufficient resources of our own. Without financial help, we will simply not be able to carry on with this important legal challenge.
We need to raise £11,000 to make it possible. Initially we are looking to raise £6k to cover costs but eventually we need the full amount. If we don't raise the money in the next 29 days, we get nothing. That is how Crowd justice works.
We are therefore asking you to consider supporting this legal challenge through donating to the following link and/or to share this e-mail/link with friends, family or colleagues who may be interested in supporting the AIRE Centre to bring this important case to court.

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