Campsfield Detention Centre Suicide

According to fell detainees, a man who was about to be deported has killed himself at Campsfield House. The 35 year old hanged himself in a toilet block hours before he was due to be forcibly removed. The Home Office confirmed that a 35-year-old man had died stating:

"The UK Border Agency is in the process of contacting his family and our sympathies are with them at this time. The police and prisons and probation ombudsman are investigating the matter, as is the norm, and we are cooperating fully with their investigations."

Campsfield House holds 200 asylum seekers and foreign prisoners and was the scene for protests in the past over conditions and the length of detention and method used to force returns. These are ongoing concerns for all detention centres and it is unfortunately not the first time that a detainee has committed suicide or suffered due to the method of forced removals which often involves dangerous and inappropriate techniques. Changes are long overdue.

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