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Online legal services.

We believe in clear, simple, legal advice accessible anywhere and anytime. Our partnership with allows us to provide the folllowing range of online legal services so that you can get the advice you need wherever you are.

Instant Advice

Video Link Consultations

If there is something you aren’t sure about — what application to make, what form to use, what evidence to include, whether you qualify — then ask one of our experts online or by phone at a time that suits you.


Application Checking Service

If you have prepared an application yourself but want the form and documents checking before you send it, our application checking service is for you. Our experts will recommend improvements and identify any missing evidence.

Peace of Mind

Full Representation Service

Too busy to prepare an application yourself? Worried about preparing your application properly? Our Full Representation Service takes over management of your case and ensure you have the greatest chance of success.

Visit for the latest updates, commentary, and training, in addition to our online service services. You can view a preview of the most recent articles below.

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I don’t usually write reviews let alone allow publication of a review but in this case I’m willing to make an exception given that the service exceeded my expectation. I appreciated the opportunity to get expert advice on all the specific questions I had which was very helpful indeed. Thank you again for the outstanding service and I look forward to coming back to you should the need arise.


Contact us

If you have any questions about our services or you would like to instruct us represent you with your application or appeal please get in contact with us now.

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