Application Checking

Making a visa or immigration application but want your application checked by a lawyer first? Book our Application Checking Service for clear, transparent legal advice in 5 working days for £299 plus VAT.

What is the Application Checking Service?

This service is designed to provide you with peace of mind and expert guidance. If you can prepare your draft application, cover letter and supporting evidence independently, but want reassurance that everything is in order or need some questions answered, this service is just what you need.

Book your check, upload your documents, and our experienced immigration lawyers will review your application thoroughly, addressing concerns with written feedback in 5 working days so you can proceed with confidence knowing that your application is ready.

How does our Application Checking Service work?

  • 1. Draft your application

    Prepare your draft application, cover letter and supporting evidence independently.

  • 2. Book your check and upload documents

    Book your application check and follow the instructions for uploading your documents and questions.

  • 3. Receive feedback

    Our dedicated lawyers will review your application thoroughly, addressing concerns with written feedback in 5 working days.

Why get an application check?

Visa applications are complex and the rules can change. To be successful in your application, you will need to meet specific requirements. These requirements may not be easy to identify or satisfy depending on your circumstances.
Our team of experienced immigration lawyers do these checks on your behalf and offer advice to you based on our experience of successful applications.

If you are unsure which application to use, how to complete it, or what evidence to include, then you should book our video consultation first so we can advise you on starting the process.

What will you receive?

In just 5 working days, we will provide a written report that outlines the requirements of your application, guides you on how you have satisfied those requirements in your draft application, cover letter and supporting evidence. We also assess the chances of success and address your questions.

If the report explains you need to make substantial changes to improve your chances of success, you can make these changes and have your application re-checked for peace of mind using a 50% discount.

Our advice is clear, transparent, and easy to follow.

Why choose Seraphus?

  • Just £299 plus VAT

    Fixed price for a single application, no hidden costs.

  • Expert Lawyers

    You’ll get the best service from our highly experienced team.

  • Rapid Response

    An online service with a turnaround time of just 5 working days.

Our customers rate us highly on Trustpilot

  • “Anna Hawkes was fantastic with her advices and suggestions regarding to my application. Seraphus is highly recommended for anyone who is looking for peace of mind before submit any application to the Home Office.”

    Ab Ab

  • “Professional, thorough, and helpful and thoughtful advice. Christopher from Seraphus reviewed my citizenship application prior to submission. He reviewed it thoroughly and advised me on what to correct and to add to strengthen my application. I followed his advice and can happily say that my citizenship application was approved without any problems.”

    Frida Khan

  • “I requested their assistance with my British Citizenship application. The process took about 5 months from my initial contact to the application being submitted, during which a number of case workers assisted me with this. All were very professional and knowledgably in this field, providing me with good legal advice on how to proceed with my application.
    I recommend their service to those whose cases aren’t straightforward or who are nervous about applying on their own.”


  • “I had the pleasure of working with Seraphus for my application for indefinite leave to remain. It was an incredibly smooth experience and I was able to submit my application worry free. Anna answered my endless questions and provided clear and detailed guidance and direction at all times. Thank you Seraphus team!”

    Meric Oztap, Great Britain


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Application checking FAQs

  • What types of Home Office applications do you check?

    We check Home Office immigration applications for individuals. This includes visitor visas, citizenship and naturalisation, student visas, spouse or partner, family visas and other applications that you need to make to the Home Office to lawfully enter and reside in the UK. This service does not include asylum applications or applications for a business. We check one application per purchase. If you have a family, you can choose to purchase a check per family member or have us check one and use that advice to guide you to perfect the rest of the applications yourself.

  • Will I receive advice on how to prepare my application before I submit it to you?

    This service is only suitable if you can prepare a draft application and identify the relevant supporting evidence yourself. If you can do this, then you will receive the most benefit from using this service. If you are experiencing difficulties identifying the right application, how to complete it, or you are not sure what evidence to include, then we recommend booking our online consultation first so we can advise you on how to start the process.

  • How do I send my documents?

    After booking the service, you will receive a confirmation email from Seraphus with instructions for sending your draft application and supporting documents. You will need to identify the correct visa application on the government website, complete the answers, use the ‘save for later’ function and download your draft PDF application. It is important you do not submit your application. When you are ready, you can send us your draft PDF application, supporting documents and any queries you have about your application by following the instructions in your confirmation email.

  • Can I receive further advice after receiving your report on my application?

    The application checking service is a limited service whereby Seraphus will review the documents you have uploaded and provide one written advice containing actionable feedback on how to improve the application. The written advice will also detail any problems you may have with your application, the chances of success, and how to address any resolvable issues. This service does not include answering further questions about your application and it is your responsibility to ensure you meet the requirements set out by the Home Office and that you follow our written advice. If you would like to discuss your application further, you can book a Video Consultation. If you need more guidance and support, we recommend you consider booking the Legal Representation service for full advice and support with your application.