UK work visas: long term work

Starting long term employment in the UK? Seraphus can provide you with expert guidance to secure your UK Work visa. We advise on Skilled Worker visas, Scale-up Worker visas, Health and Care Worker visas and more, to help you navigate the complexities of UK Work visas.

Long-term work visas explained 

Anyone wishing to work in the UK requires permission to do so by applying for a UK work visa. The UK’s points-based immigration system contains short and long-term work routes. 

For all work-related visa routes, you will need to work with a UK-based employer who has a licence from the Home Office to employ foreign workers. All EEA, Swiss, and non-EEA nationals who are not settled workers or do not otherwise have permission to undertake work in the UK will need a visa.

There are many different long-term work visas available.

Eligibility for a UK Work Visa: Long-Term Workers 

Eligibility varies depending on the category of visa. However, there are some similarities:

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Long-term work visas FAQs

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