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Seraphus offers bespoke services to education providers, businesses, entrepreneurs, and overseas employers. Our team of experienced immigration lawyers offer comprehensive advice to help you navigate sponsorship and applications to meet your business needs.

Business Immigration topics

Education Providers and International Students Overseas Employers Recruiting International Workers Sponsor Licence Services Start, support, or join a business UK work visas: long term work UK work visas: Temporary Workers

Education Providers and International Students

As an education provider, recruiting international students can be complex, but we’re here to help simplify the immigration process for you. With Seraphus by your side, you can navigate the immigration landscape with confidence. We can help you to understand the different routes for study in the UK, answer queries on UK student visas, student visa extensions and dependents, as well as navigate you through sponsor licenses and ongoing compliance.

Overseas Employers

If you are a business based overseas, we understand that sending staff to the UK for work assignments can be a strategic and complex decision. Seraphus has the expertise in UK immigration law to guide you through the available pathways for work in the UK.

Recruiting International Workers

As an employer it can be complex navigating the legal obligations when recruiting international workers. Seraphus has an experienced team of immigration lawyers who can simplify the process to help you understand and meet all the necessary requirements to employ staff in the UK.

Applying for a sponsor licence can be complex and time consuming, but we’re here to help simplify the process for you.

Start, support, or join a business

At Seraphus, we understand the immigration challenges you may face when starting or supporting a business in the UK. Our mission is to provide you with comprehensive support and guidance tailored to your unique needs so you can confidently navigate the complexities of visa requirements.

UK work visas: long term work

Starting long term employment in the UK? Seraphus can provide you with expert guidance to secure your UK Work visa. We advise on Skilled Worker visas, Scale-up Worker visas, Health and Care Worker visas and more, to help you navigate the complexities of UK Work visas.

UK work visas: Temporary Workers

Starting temporary work in the UK? Seraphus provides expert legal advice and guidance to secure your Temporary Worker visa. From seasonal workers to the youth mobility scheme and more, our experienced team will help you navigate the Temporary Worker visa scheme to secure the right visa for you.