What is a sponsor licence?

A sponsor licence is an essential legal step in sponsoring non-UK national workers (including both EEA and non-EEA individuals) to work in a specific job at a specific company. After obtaining a sponsor licence, an employer can issue certificates of sponsorship to prospective non-UK national workers for them to commence employment.

What are the different types of sponsor licences?

The worker licence is designed for longer-term or skilled workers, including skilled workers, ministers of religion, international sportspersons and specialist workers (under the Global Business Mobility Scheme). The temporary worker licence is suitable for those seeking shorter-term employment, including creative workers, charity workers, religious workers, seasonal workers and scale-up workers. We can help you to decide the appropriate licence based on your employment roles and duration of employment.

Applications fees and processing times

Sponsor licence application fees depend on several factors, including whether the application is made inside or outside of the UK, the size of the company and whether the organisation is a charitable organisation. The time it takes to receive a decision on a sponsor licence application will vary depending on the size and complexity of the application, so your organisation should apply for a sponsor licence with plenty of time prior to issuing certificates of sponsorship and employing non-UK-based workers.

How long are sponsor licenses issued for?

A sponsorship licence will be issued for four years. You can apply to renew a sponsorship licence from three months before a sponsor licence expires. They do not automatically renew, so it is important to renew your licence prior to the expiry date to remain a Home Office licensed sponsor. This can be done through the sponsor management system.

What is a sponsor license UK number?

A sponsor licence number will be allocated to a specific sponsor licence holder once an application has been successful, and an employer has been recorded on the UK licenced sponsor list. It is a unique code which will be included on each individual worker’s certificate of sponsorship.

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