Innovator Founder Visa

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The Innovator Founder visa explained

The Innovator Founder Visa is a new points-based visa route which replaces the Innovator visa and Start-Up visa and can lead to settlement after three years. In contrast to the Innovator visa, the Innovator Founder visa has removed the requirement for applicants to have at least £50,000 available to invest in the business. Financially, you only need to demonstrate you have enough funding and prove where the funding is from.

To apply under this route, your business idea needs to have an endorsement letter and approval from a new endorsing body approved by the Home Office. There are legacy endorsing bodies for those who were previously on the Scale-Up or Innovator routes. In addition to the endorsement, the Home Office may also assess whether the business is genuine on the balance of probabilities. 

What is the application process for a UK Innovator Founder visa?

You can apply from outside of the UK or extend or switch within the UK, provided the eligibility and suitability criteria are met. You will need to show that:

Further requirements may need to be met depending on your circumstances. 

What does an endorsement letter need to contain for a UK Innovator Founder visa?

An endorsement letter should be dated within three months of the date of an application and should confirm that:

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FAQs for a UK Innovator Founder visa

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