Creative Worker visa

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Creative Worker visa

A Creative Worker visa (Temporary Work) is for workers in the creative industries such as actors, dancers, musicians, or a member of a film crew.

How long can I stay in the UK on a Creative Worker visa?

A Creative Worker visa is typically valid for up to up to 12 months, or up to 28 days more than the time on the certificate of sponsorship (whichever is shorter). It may be possible to extend this visa if the eligibility requirements continue to be met. It may also be possible to switch to another visa route from within the UK, based on the requirements of that particular visa. 

Can I bring my family with me?

On the Creative Worker visa, you can bring dependent family members to the UK including a partner (spouse, civil partner, or unmarried partner who you’ve been living with for at least 2 years) and any children under 18 years. 

What are the eligibility requirements?

To be eligible for the Creative Worker visa, you must make a unique contribution to the UK labour market, for example by being internationally renowned or where their employment in the UK is required for continuity.

Other eligibility requirements include having a Certificate of Sponsorship from a licensed sponsoring employer in the UK, being paid the minimum salary as set by Equity, PACT or BECTU (except for models, musicians or circuses) and having enough money to support yourself in the UK during your stay (usually £1,270 in available funds, unless you are exempt).

There is no need to demonstrate proficiency in speaking and understanding English for the Temporary Worker visa routes.

Can I use my time in the UK on a Creative Worker visa towards an application for indefinite leave to remain in the UK?

Time spent in the UK under the Creative Worker visa may be counted towards an application for indefinite leave to remain on the basis of ten years of continuous lawful residence.

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