Indian Young Professionals Scheme

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Indian Young Professionals Scheme

The Indian Young Professionals Scheme is for qualifying Indian citizens between the ages of 18 and 30 who wish to come and live in the UK for up to two years. It is not possible to extend this visa past the maximum 2-year term. 

What are the main eligibility requirements?

To apply for the Indian Young Professionals Scheme, you must have first successfully applied to, and been selected in the India Young Professionals Scheme ballot. You must also be an Indian national, be between 18 and 30 years old, have a qualification at bachelor’s degree level or above (Regulated Qualifications Framework level 6,7 or 8) and have £2,530 in savings to support yourself in the UK. 

It is not possible to apply for the Indian Young Professionals Scheme, if you have dependant children under 18 who live with you, children you are financially responsible for, or if you have already been in the UK under the Indian Young Professionals Scheme. On the Indian Young Professionals Scheme, it is not possible to bring dependent family members to the UK.

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