Fees: Business Legal Representation

At Seraphus we offer a fixed-fee pricing system.
On this page you can find information about our fees for the type of application you are making.

How much is the Business Legal Representation Service?

At Seraphus we offer business legal representation on a fixed-fee pricing system. This is based on our principle of providing fair and good quality advice for all – whether you are an employer or individual. Rather than work on an hourly rate, we offer certainty and peace of mind by working on a fixed fee basis. Our fees are competitive with industry standards while maintaining our high-quality work.

In general, more complex applications and complex circumstances will attract a higher-level fee, because they will take longer to thoroughly prepare.

Our fee estimate table below provides the starting fee for one application, although the total may be higher. An accurate quote for your immigration situation will be provided to you after assessing your situation during a Video Consultation.

Estimated fees

  • Please note the Seraphus fees do not include:
  • • Home Office application fees.
  • • Third party costs or disbursements.
  • • Travel or expenses to attend in person meetings or court hearings.

Price starts from this fee. Prices exclude VAT.
Sponsor license up until applying and assigning Certificate of Sponsorship.£3500
Sponsor license advice on inspection.£1000
Sponsor license assigning Certificate of Sponsorship (including two appointments).£1500
Sponsorship health checks, audits, annual checks.£3000
Global Business Mobility: UK Expansion Worker.£2500
Innovator Founder Stage 1 endorsement (not including business plan).£3000
Innovator Founder Stage 2 application.£1500
Global Talent Stage 1 endorsement.£3000
Global Talent Stage 2 leave to remain or leave extension.£1500
 High Potential Individual.£3000
Skilled Worker.
Health and Care Worker.
Minister of Religion.
Temporary Worker.£1500

What factors can increase the fees?

  • Size of the employer and complexity of the business structure.
  • Country of application.
  • Urgency of the application.
  • Complexity of the application due to previous refusals, prior criminal convictions or due to other unforeseen circumstances.
  • Complexity of the facts and law related to the case. 
  • Whether the application clearly meets the immigration rules. 
  • Quality and amount of supporting documents available for the application. 
  • The required contact needed with you and the amount of enquires you send. 
  • Additional dependents on the application. 

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