Standing Strong with Ukraine: Convoy4Ukraine’s Mission

Written by: Igor Prato Luna


This week marks two years since the illegal and unprovoked invasion of Ukraine by Russia. As many around the world pause to reflect on the conflict, which has claimed thousands of lives and displaced millions, it’s important that we continue to provide aid and support to the Ukrainian people. While the war rages on, the needs on the ground continue to be immense. Access to medical care, food, clean water, warm clothing, and shelter remains challenging for many Ukrainians. 

Over the past 5 months, I have been part of a collective effort with my local community to organise the delivery of aid to Ukraine. Along with several of my contacts from my time volunteering in Calais, we have put together Convoy4Ukraine, based in Cambridge UK. Committed to making a meaningful impact, Convoy4Ukraine focuses on fundraising to purchase and deliver vital resources, including 4x4s, ambulances, and humanitarian aid, to trusted Ukrainian partner organisations. The group collaborates closely with reputable entities like Sunflower Network, a registered non-profit connecting international groups to reliable partners in Ukraine.

Our first convoy begins today, 4th March. We are taking medical equipment and essential supplies. We will be driving from the UK to France, then the Netherlands, Germany, Poland and into Western Ukraine, where we will meet our local partners in the Lviv Oblast. We will then leave our 4×4 vehicles and aid there, where they are badly needed, before travelling home.

We have worked carefully to ensure that the vehicles we provide are to be used for delivering humanitarian aid and conducting rescue missions. We will also be delivering material aid such as warm clothes, hygiene products, spare tires, and generators. Importantly, we are following the requests of our Ukrainian partners, ensuring that the aid provided serves genuine humanitarian purposes.

Despite dwindling media coverage, we must not forget the struggles faced daily by Ukrainians. Even recently, as Russia struck civilian targets across Ukraine, the UK government closed applications for the Ukrainian Family Scheme visa. This provided a lifeline for Ukrainians fleeing the war to stay with hosts in the UK. Many hosts in our community remain committed to supporting these families.

At a rally organised last week by Cambridge4Ukraine, we stood alongside hosts and their Ukrainian guests. Moments like this are a reminder that grassroots support remains strong. The children at the Cambridge Ukrainian School also inspire us. After learning how Convoy4Ukraine sends aid, they asked thoughtful questions and have offered their own drawings and crafts to be delivered.

While future uncertainties remain regarding Russia’s aggression, the resilience and courage of the Ukrainian people is unwavering. We refuse to forget their plight, and we will continue coordinating convoys. If you’d like to get involved or donate, please visit our website at As we mark two years of conflict, let us renew our commitment to standing with Ukraine.